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Once you discover Seaside, CA you can never see the Monterey bay real estate market the same way as you did before. Monterey bay, of course, has real estate for sale at premium prices.

By The Sea Properties In Seaside Beats Carmel real estate prices.

So, what’s the deal with Seaside, California? In essence, this is a planned community – but not like some plan communities with expensive homes and floorplans. Rather, for neighborhoods were created, each design to be affordable in a sea of outrageously priced homes. They are not oceanfront homes but many have at least a partial view of the ocean and it’s always just a short drive or even walk away.

The four neighborhoods in Seaside, CA

South Seaside

This neighborhood borders on the city of Del Rey Oaks. You’ll find a mix of affordable condo complexes and single-family homes. Among the condo complexes are the Pacific Heights condos, and more, smaller condo complexes along Highland.

Upper (East) Seaside

Here it is, a neighborhood with some of the most sought after homes for sale. Communities include Highland, Mescal and Del Monte Heights. Some of the homes have views all the way across the bay to Santa Cruz.

North Seaside

Another coveted area of Seaside with the neighborhoods of Ord Grove, Ord Terrace and Seaside Highlands. Seaside Highlands sits right next to ocean side greenways. Upscale dining facilities are available at the Bayonet and Blackhorse golf courses. This neighborhood borders the former military base, Fort Ord which has been reconfigured as the hub for California University Monterey Bay, Monterey College of Law.

Central Seaside

Here are homes centered around the Central Seaside business district. This is an area of economic growth with many renovations and upgrades to streets and infrastructure. Included are the neighborhoods of Terrace, Noche Buena, Olympia and Hannon.

The History And Rise Of Seaside

Seaside, California was previously named Rancho Noche Buena. Back in 1887, and landowner by the name of Dr. John Roberts, known as the “father of seaside“ subdivided his 150 acres into small lots and created a town he called East Monterey. This town was of course rezoned and renamed Seaside. Dr. Roberts intent was to create a resort similar to Pacific Grove for people who wanted to get away from the overbearing heat of the San Joaquin Valley. Obviously, in those days the idea of what amounted to a resort was different than today. It wasn’t until 1954 that Seaside California became an incorporated city. Once it became a proper city, construction and businesses moved in and improvements changed the little town into the desirable place it is today.

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