Suzanne Slate Always Perseveres

What those in the know have to say about Suzanne Slate

She definitely hits the deck running. Both feet know how to navigate the tough things and she’s had her share. Suzanne Slate not only bounces back from tough events like her son’s “incurable” cancer but she accomplishes what she sets her mind to,

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Suzanne Slate Meet The Realtor® In Jupiter FL

Meet Suzanne Slate, a real estate agent in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens. Working With Suzanne Slate You can count on Suzanne to be someone who is always loyal, fun, smart.Someone you want to be around. Her fellow colleagues California her for support. She shares her success. Other realtors, her competitors, enjoy working with her too. She’s always fair and always helpful.

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Since 2007 when it became clear that the Internet was forevermore fused and bonded to success or failure in real estate sales, I have worked to optimize a great presentation to the right audiences in real estate sales and marketing. It goes beyond that one niche now to local businesses who need to become visible to their markets precisely where the money is- when they’re looking for something.